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We provide best for you

We offer travel enthusiast the best experiences of nature and culture of their destination. We always stay beside our guest, they never get lost. Thats why we called us a 3-dimensional caretaker.

Our services

We organize themed tour for group and individual lasting from couple of days to weeks. We do cover all parts of South East Asia, Middle East and East Europe. Gulshan Tours offers travelers’ opportunity to combine their holiday with a discovery tour that allows them become familiar with local culture and natural wonders of their destinations. We appreciate guests’ enthusiasm to explore the places and gather wonderful experiences, that's why experts of Gulshan Tours conduct pre-consult session with guests about their destinations.

We make travelers access to all interesting aspects through our logistic supports, we make it sure that all our arrangements are entertaining, educational, mind opening and safe. We go an extra mile in providing travelers support services, such as logistics and arrival information, personalized information and tips and any assistance in our power that can make a trip more enjoyable and relaxing. We take feedback to heart, and are eager to communicate with clients past, present and future to ensure that each and every visit will be as rewarding, fun and exciting as possible for all.

So this is Gulshan Tours

Here travellers become explorar and get opportunity to take flavour of
local's natural and culture


Hajj & Omrah

Serving Hajj and Omrah Pilgrims considered as our Holy Duty. Our team will be honored to serve you on your way to Makkah and Medina. We have special packages for Hajj and Omrah Pilgrims are taken care by our special team with highest concern. We offer following services -

  • Special care and personal guide for Hajj and Omrah Pilgrims
  • Standard accommodation facility including residential complex and 5 star hotel in Makkah and Madina
  • Ethical business conduct
  • 24 hour transportation
  • 24 hour meal supply facility
  • Emergency medical assistance
  • Employee job satisfaction
  • Ticket booking and visa service

Corporate Programs

Here our corporate guests will enjoy full corporate flavor with a twist of out-door adventure. Such extraordinary treats ensure dramatic development of work force

This package includes arranging corporate meeting with dealers, clients or management at overseas tourist attractions. Our expertise will assist from the very beginning to end of the tour. Even our guests don’t have to think about their arrangement of meeting there; we will take care of everything on behalf of them. This deal also includes Academic tours, off-site sales meeting, and sales incentive / appraisal tours.