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Your Dream & Our Plan

GULSHAN TOURS is the most vibrant name of our tourism and travel Industry. From the beginning GULSHAN TOURS takes lead on quality and comment towards serving its guests. Nationwide expertise are gathered to ensure quality management and smart service.

GULSHAN TOURS arrange all kind of travel and tourism based activity programs with the provision of accommodation on all destination. All of our packages are designed to ensure guests satisfaction and safety. Our services include FIT [Free individual Traveler], group travel, corporate tour etc.

GULSHAN TOURS eases its operation through an extensive network with supporting organizations worldwide. We possess exclusive of partnership with all airlines in Bangladesh, so that our guests are always hassle free while they are travelling home and abroad.

GULSHAN TOURS is working with the most charming and smart group of people to make its guests dream come true. Our hospitality is an experience of its own. We have a completely separate department of making perfect holiday arrangements for you. This department ensures you the best holiday deals in industry. We are always committed about fast service and by using state of art technologies. We keep our work force at the edge of their limit. Dedication, innovation And pro action are the key words of our characteristics. We are looking forward to increase our name and fame by providing practical and costs Effective travel solutions for our guests.

GULSHAN TOURS meant to give their best effort for each guest. Even the smell needs of guests are taking into concern so that our guests remain satisfied and can enjoy their trip. We allow our guests full freedom to customize their trip. Our expert team is always ready to assists guests at any part of the world. Strength of GULSHAN TOURS builds its superior logistic support round the world. Guests will be taken care by GULSHAN TOURS overseas support team and their vehicles. Our escort service includes Pick up & See off to airport, drop to hotel. Also our experts will guide the guest for exclusive shopping and visit tours. We ensure the best pay back of guests’ money; all our value added services are designed to deliver extraordinary pleasure and most exciting memories of their life.

We Are Dedicated

  • Maintain competitive edge in the market
  • Constant improvement in our service quality
  • Ethical business conduct
  • Highest integrity
  • Total customer satisfaction
  • Improvement and adaptation of latest technologies in travel industry
  • Employee job satisfaction
  • Value for shareholders

GULSHAN TOURS is committed to provide customers Travel Solution through highly trained personnel and cutting-edge logistic facilities. We strive to excel on performance, technology and customer service. Our team is committed to provide practical, efficient and cost effective services tailored to meet the requirement of our guests.

We intend to make travelling a culture rather than an expensive event. We take every step after thinking about our guests comfort. Our efforts will be a huge lead forward in the travel and tourism industry. To sustain market leadership and take the service standard to a new height in the travel and tourism industry. Also to grow with the global trend through integration, diversification, human resource development and efficient use of resource allocation.

Our Memberships